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for example, many webcam amateurs also have sex toys that you can control with tokens. This works as follows: A young girl who wants some more interaction with her viewers, goes to the store and buys a special vibrator. This vibrator starts working the moment a user spends tokens on her. So you can give 1 token (10 cent), then the vibrator will give a small vibration. What many people do is that they quickly give fifteen 10 cent tokens in succession. You can also choose to go for larger amounts, for example 500 tokens (50 euros). This will destroy the webcam amateur, and many people enjoy it very much. In addition, the amateur also prefer larger amounts;)

Some of the tipped tokens go to the managers of, and this is also their earnings model. There are also links and right advertisements / advertisements to other websites on the site. Of course they also earn money from this.

Earn model
Now I hear you thinking. If everything is free and millions of people use the website every day, is the site not running at a loss? And how do webcam amateurs earn money? The webcam amateurs can earn money on the website if a user / visitor tips money to him or her. This works as follows: As a chaturbate user, you have the option of purchasing credits or what they call tokens. With these tokens you can give the webcam model assignments, so most amateurs have a price list, what they do for what amount. You can make it as crazy as you want. There are users who have a fetish, and are happy to pay 200 to 300 euros a day for a webcam amateur of their dreams.