Become a webcam model? You can earn money with your webcam in no time Here...

Making money with your webcam as a webcam model is an activity in the erotic webcamsex industry.
The work is therefore only suitable for people 18 years and older.
This form of erotic homework consists mainly of seducing men by chatting spicy with them while,
they can view you via the webcam.

Become a webcam girl?

This will be it you expect Despite that you are completely free in what you do with this work and webcam companies nothing expect from you in addition to complying with the rules. Is it the customers who do? to earn money. Because of this you need to ensure that there are many are men who like to chat with you for money and preferably also come back to your chat room often. Some men find it totally great to chat with a model about anything and everything. But the majority of men are really looking for erotic entertainment. Where it usually should continue as a spicy chat in itself. The most webcam models also perform sexual acts for the webcam, besides that they chat or speak with a visitor. Among these sexual acts include giving a striptease show or showing naked body parts for the webcam. But also self-satisfaction with or without a sex toy, is often required of customers. There are also models that even use a sex machine or interactive sex toys which are on top of each other respond. Other models do not show much of themselves and focus mainly to submissive men who love BDSM.

Points of attention as your webcam model want to be Since

There are many men willing to pay for webcam sex and the offer
webcam models is a lot smaller. You can do a lot as a webcam model
make money compared to other home work options. Mostly
women, couples and transsexuals can earn a lot of money with the necessary
efforts. There are also men who earn well, but this market is one
much more difficult because there is more range of models. Working in the sex industry
is still not fully socially and socially accepted today.
In short, people quickly have a negative opinion about people working in it
this industry.

Working in the sex industry is not yet fully socially accepted

in the Netherlands and Belgium have become more open-minded over the years. More and
more is considered 'normal' and there are even porn stars such
as Bobbi Eden with their own TV programs and books. Yet there is often still a negative
opinion and talk about people working in the sex industry. Although
these people work, pay a lot of taxes and almost everyone
has used the services. There is still a taboo on working in the
sex industry and it is often seen as inappropriate.

fact is immediately an important point to remember if you
decide or are considering doing work in the sex industry. Working as a
webcamgirl also falls under this and is seen as working
as a porn actress. If your environment, such as family, friends and acquaintances,
but also the people in your living environment are not so open-minded. Then getting to know
your work as a webcam model can have a considerable impact on your life
, but also on that of your loved ones.

Never get erotic images on the internet again

As a
webcam model your images end up on the internet.
Recordings are also made of this, which get their own life on the internet. So will
these images can be found in various adult websites and this one will
also be downloaded for personal use. There is a good chance that your
image material will be used on websites for which you have not given permission
. Consider, for example, recorded webcam shows that appear en masse on sex tubes
. Of course you can request to remove the footage
or even hire a company for this. But there is a good chance
that the images will keep coming back. Some people think it is
nice to share this material, while others publish it purely to make money
with it. Because of this, your erotic images will always
remain in the possession of other people who can come up with one day
to put it online .

Easily earn money quickly as a
webcam model and the future

Despite the fact that a lot of money can be made in a
relatively easy way with webcam work. Think carefully about the above
information. For example, as an 18-year-old without a diploma, it may
seem like an excellent idea to earn € 5000.00 per month. What your
environment thinks about you can be stolen at that moment, but will this
still be the case in ten years? Can you live with the fact that there are still images
of you on the internet that can become known in your social
environment? Of course, the big money can ensure that you don't care
what your environment thinks about it. But you shouldn't think about it
if your entire environment is confronted with spicy visual material from you, then it
is much wiser not to become a webcam model and to look
for another suitable way of earning money.

What about anonymous camming
and chatting for money?

On the internet there are websites where anonymous
camming is offered for money. There are only a few hooks and
eyes attached to this. For example, there are webcam websites where you can
block visitors from a certain country on their IP address. In this way the chance that you will be recognized is
indeed a lot smaller, but this is certainly still present. It is
not possible to block all Dutch-speaking people. Some visitors
use software such as a VPN to hide their IP address. This group of
people is growing day by day, which means that the "land block" of the webcam company
suddenly no longer works as well. It can also happen that someone shows your webcam show
and places it on another website. This other website can
be visited by everyone , including all the people you blocked earlier. The chance
is therefore still present that your images are visible by people from
your environment.

How much money do
you earn as a webcam model?

Webcamming as a woman, couple (male / male, male / female,
female / female) or transsexual can earn well. The earnings of an experienced
webcammer who works 40 hours a week amount to an average of € 6000 a month.
Models that are active in promoting, working at the best of times and able to attract
customers well , earn a lot more each month. However, a large proportion of the webcam models in the Netherlands
do not achieve these amounts. This is because a large part does the work
part-time and is not serious about optimizing their income.
With a few hours of work per week the earnings are therefore a lot lower
with around € 20 per hour on average.

Earnings from
a webcamman

The webcam man earns a lot lower on average,
with a few euros per hour on average. This is because there are a lot of men
who do it for fun, so there is a lot of supply compared to the
demand. The serious webcam men earn a lot more with an average of € 2500
per month. However, these are very few. As a man you have
to possess qualities that are not standard to earn a lot. Think
of a muscular body, a large penis, a pleasant personality, the
will to work a lot and the will to fulfill many requests.

What are the
requirements for this form of erotic homework?

To start with this form of erotic homework
you don't actually need that much. You probably
already have most supplies at home:

  1. A laptop or a PC

  2. A webcam

  3. A stable internet connection

  4. A lamp for lighting (this can be a desk lamp)

  5. A space where you can work undisturbed

These are the minimum requirements that you need
to start working as a webcam model. Are you sure you
want to continue with this work and you have some money to spend then it is advisable to buy the
following items.

  • A fast laptop or PC with a Core i7 processor, at least 4GB RAM, SSD hard drive, at least 32-bit video card and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

  • A quality webcam such as the frequently used Logitech c920.

  • A fast cable or fiber optic internet connection

  • A professional lighting set consisting of several lamps.

  • A room to work in which is nicely decorated with various accessories

  • Sex toys that you can use in your show

Sex cam
without your face in the picture

Another possibility that some websites offer
is to get started as a webcam model without having to face your face
. This way of working ensures that you
remain the most anonymous . In combination with a number of skills, you can ensure that
nobody will actually recognize you. Even if your images are visible everywhere

10 tips to remain anonymous
as a webcam model

  1. Never come with your face in the picture, even if someone has a
    lot of money for it.

  2. Do not use sound with camming. Your voice can also be

  3. Provide an unknown background. For example, design a
    part of your house so that no one can recognize it.

  4. Use a wig of a different color of hair if you have one.
    Even if you do not come with your face in the picture, you can see your hair if it is
    long enough.

  5. Do not put on clothing that you can be recognized by.

  6. Use a temporary tattoo. Make sure you have enough
    in stock so that you can use it for a long time.

  7. Never chat about your private life in your chat room.

  8. Work at a reputable webcam company that
    handles your personal data in a secure manner.

  9. Never have money deposited into your bank account by a customer.

  10. Do not allow customers
    to send gifts to you. Let this go through the webcam company or via an alternative
    postal address.

The pros and cons of webcam work

The advantages:

  • High earnings

  • Work where you want

  • Free to determine when you work

  • Decide for yourself how many hours you work

  • Decide for yourself how you entertain men and how far you go in

The cons:

  • To be constantly engaged in sex

  • People can judge you and your work negatively

  • Envy of people around you

  • Annoying customers

  • Possible recognition in your private life